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Which Is The Best Clarisonic To Buy

Some of the most popular facial cleansing tools today are made out of buttery silicone for gentle exfoliation. Some believe these very tools edged Clarisonic out of the picture. In fact, silicone brush brand PMD's founder Sam Alexander told Beauty Independent that Clarisonic became "a dinosaur" in the industry in comparison to the market's new offerings. As explained by Health, silicone versions are more environmentally-friendly since you don't need brush head replacements, and they are easy to clean with a simple wipe down. Convinced yet? Here are the best silicone facial brushes on the market.

which is the best clarisonic to buy

When in doubt, Olay is a mainstay brand for a reason, and their Facial Cleansing Brush ($24.44) is no exception. This brush is designed by dermatologists to not mess with your skin's important barrier function, is water-resistant, and also comes with two speeds for choosing your adventure everyday. As per Life Savvy, this tool is similar to the Clarisonic, and the nylon bristles will feel familiar in the best way.

Sadly, the news came this week that Clarisonic, the pioneer brand in facial cleansing brushes, will soon be no more, and will be not be trading from September 2020. The brand was known for its game-changing devices, of which many top celebrities, skin experts, and industry insiders were huge fans. But fear not, while you may not be able to get your hands on one from September onwards, these six Clarisonic alternatives are perfect to buy if you're after a new cleansing brush.

There are certainly benefits, however, the main one being "the manual exfoliation that they give you, which if done gently can help to remove dead skin cells as well as dirt and grime," says Megan Felton, co-founder of skincare consultancy Lion/ne.

Keep this in mind when you want to use the clarisonic more often, which probably will happen when you start seeing how quickly it starts working. More often than not, its best to back off than double down when you start seeing progress.

Thanks for such a thorough and honest review of the Mia 2. I also own one but always baffled by which replacement head to purchase. I have pretty sensitive skin and no acne problems. But, I do have flaky and dry skin all season round. I use this mostly as a physical exfoliator twice a week before I do any face masks to hydrate my skin. It does cleanse super well and I notice a difference in my skin as it becomes brighter vs normal face washes.Do you have any recommendations on the type of replacement brushes to use or have you tried different kinds? I currently use the Sensitive one and purchased Acne one for my husband. Just wanted to hear your thoughts or experiences on the brush heads if any. Thank you!

Investing in skincare is one of the best things that you can do at any age. I am a firm believer that EVERYONE should own a Clarisonic. With that being said, I thought I would discuss the pros and cons of each of the Clarisonic devices to help you decide which one is best for you.

In my opinion, the Smart Profile Uplift is the best of the three devices. Its handle is the longest and skinniest and fits so comfortably in my hand. It also has a shiny finish (the other two devices have a matte finish) and I find that it is the easiest to keep looking clean.

Thank you so much for the great review on the Opal- such an informative post! Please know that if you or any of readers ever have any questions or concern, we are here to help! Contact us at 888.525.2747 or or on Facebook ( and Twitter (@clarisonic).

This facial cleansing brush comes with latest sonic vibration technology and an original stereo rotating magnetic bead system, which gently acts on your skin leaving it properly cleaned and softer than ever!

The best way to prevent bacterial buildup on your brushes is to wash them after use. Place the face of the brush under warm running water for a few seconds to remove residual material. And as recommended, your facial brush heads should optimally be replaced every 90 days (source).

Clarisonic was founded by David Giuliani, Robb Akridge, Steve Meginniss, Ward Harris, and Ken Pilcher in 2000. Giuliani, Clarisonic's CEO, is the former co-founder and CEO of Optiva, which developed the Sonicare line of toothbrushes. Giuliani sold Optiva to Philips Oral Healthcare in 2000.[3]

Claim to Fame: The design of the oval-shaped brush head itself is what's pretty genius. Clinique studied how people interact with cleansing brushes, and noticed that we tilt our wrists forwards to get a deeper clean around the nose area (makes sense), and tilt backwards when tending to the jawline. Thus, the brand put firmer, shorter green bristles on the top of the brush head, which will help efficiently remove dirt and oil and give a bit more of an actual scrub. Additionally, there are tiny threads of silver throughout the brush, which gives it antimicrobial properties.

The Evidence: A clinical study proved that this brush allows for 10x better cleansing than if you were to just wash with your hands. However, the study went one step further and also measured something called "transepidermal water loss," which assesses damage to the complexion by the skin's water content. (It has been suggested by certain experts that sonic cleansing might be too stripping for the complexion.) The result? No significant water loss at all, plus it allowed for higher blood flow to the skin, which is believed to translate to a more radiant, glowing face.

Specs: The Mia, the mini and most basic model, goes for $99, which includes one sensitive brush head. There are 24 minutes of use per full charge. The Mia-2 (a dual-speed for more thorough cleansing) goes for $149.

Claim to Fame: A brand rep claims that this is the world's first and only antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing brush (though Clinique's also has antimicrobial technology). There are also non-slip grips on the side, which helps for use in the shower.

The Evidence: The clinical studies show that the product protection is 99.9% effective in inhibiting the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, which is why regular replacement isn't necessary. (It also means it's a whole lot cleaner than the hands you're probably washing your face with!)

When I bought my Clarisonic (in 2008) there was only one Clarisonic "system," but now there are three different brush varieties and multiple brush heads, making it easy to customize your Clarisonic to your specific needs. (The system comes with two different brush heads so you can get a feel for what will work best for you, which I think is quite considerate of them.) I use the Deep Pore Cleansing brush head, since I'm obsessive about keeping my pores crud-free.

The great thing about Clarisonic is that for something that cleans so thoroughly, it's very gentle. I've used the sensitive, normal, and deep pore cleaning brush heads on my very sensitive skin, and I showed no ill effects from any of them. And did I mention that it only takes a minute to do a full Clarisonic cleansing? (I have the Clarisonic Plus, which also has a two minute setting, but I've found that a minute twice a day is perfectly sufficient.) To summarize, using a Clarisonic is easy, effective, and will most likely give you the face of a Baby Gap model.

To use the NuFACE, you must first cover that portion of your face with their gel primer, which has a consistency similar to aloe vera. The laminated card and videos on the app are very clear to follow.

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Hello Mary-Ellen,I use Kaeso Beauty 250ml which I think I purchased from Amazon at a fraction of the price Nuface gel was charging. It works brilliantly and has a pleasant scent. Hope this helps.Kind regards,Elsa

I have the Nuface mini which works well and keeps my aging face lifted. However, I then bought the NuFace Fix as I have eye bags and dark circles. After using the Fix a couple of times, I noticed that the eye bag on my right eye had got a lot worse and had a dark ring right around it which is not going away. I used it exactly as in the video but I would suggest people dont use around their eyes.

Our aesthetician can teach you how to use your Clarisonic with any cleanser, free of charge. The Mia 2 is the best combination of performance and value, offering multiple speeds and a built-in timer, as well as a large variety of color options.

The Smart Profile is the best that Clarisonic offers. It offers 4 speeds plus a body-turbo mode, SMART technology to automatically adjust brush speed, a brush head replacement sensor, and 11x the cleansing power of hand washing. 041b061a72

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