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Well, the 2010 movie "Skyline" wasn't exactly the best of movies, though the 2017 sequel "Beyond Skyline" was a significant improvement on the 2010 movie, I must admit that I had mixed feelings about this 2020 movie "Skylines". Yet, of course I sat down to watch it, with it being a new movie that I hadn't already seen and all.So how was "Skylines" from writer and director Liam O'Donnell and writer Matthew E. Chausse? Well, the movie was watchable that was for sure, but it was not an impressive movie. It felt like a mixture between the 2010 and 2017 movies, so it was a bland and mediocre result.Visually then "Skylines" is phenomenal, and I must admit that I really liked the visual effects and CGI in the movie. But hey, such effects can only carry a movie so far. And when a movie is weighed down by a mundane and mediocre storyline, then it takes a lot for everything else to lift up the movie.They had an adequate ensemble of actors and actresses on the cast list, with Lindsey Morgan in the lead role. The cast list also includes the likes of James Cosmo, Rhona Mitra and Yayan Ruhian. But for me it was definitely Daniel Bernhardt that carried the movie with his performance.While I did sit through the entire movie and feeling sort of semi-adequately entertained, "Skylines" just didn't break any ground for action sci-fi movies, nor did it bring anything new to the genre. It was a watchable movie, certainly, but it was hardly an outstanding or memorable movie.My rating of "Skylines" settles on a mediocre five out of ten stars.

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