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[S1E5] The Wrong Man

Back at the Raven Elliot has a drink and Takeshi tells him it is wrong to steal Poe's booze. Elliot tells him he will only get caught if a cop catches him and Samir comes in. Elliot walks out and Takeshi has a conversation with Samir about Ryker and Takeshi is told to protect Ortega. Poe then calls Takeshi over to the desk and tells him he got a tip from the AI's. Maddy spotted Bancroft and Isaac at Fightdrome and Takeshi leaves to get Ortega.

[S1E5] The Wrong Man

At the Beanery, Lex Luthor tells Lana Lang (again) that he thinks she is with the wrong guy just as Whitney arrives and breaks a date. Lex runs into Clark outside the restaurant and tells him that Lana is free tomorrow night. Lex gives him tickets and promises a limo ride if Clark gets in there and asks her in the next 60 seconds. This appears to be just the encouragement he needs, and he makes the date with Lana Lang.

Last week Woody (Gord Rand) followed exactly the wrong guy home from the mall, a simple burglary turned fatal when he tried to rescue Keith, who has been kidnapped, tied up and tortured by a pair of malcontents: Edie and Eric (Brendan Fletcher).

They take Evan into surgery. Shaun asks Neil to assist. He tells him he is too close to the case. Shaun watches from the gallery. He and Aaron talk. If Shaun is wrong he is in trouble. Jared sees the man's son in the waiting area. Jared tells him that he needs to talk to his father and tell him the truth about his girlfriend, about why he ran away. As the father is wheeled into surgery the son admits that he is afraid that he is afraid to take over the family business because he thought he would fail. In surgery, Claire sees something in Evan. She calls Melendez over to see. Meanwhile, Shaun waits. He has a flashback of when he gave Steve a book for his birthday. Neil comes out to speak with the parents in the waiting room where Shaun is. Neil tells them that they discovered lesions on his ribs. The osteosarcoma has metastasized. Aaron is in surgery. He locates the tapeworm in the man's brain and talks the first one out. Jared is impressed. They have 3 more to go. Evan talks with his parents. He tells them that he has known for a long time. Shaun didn't tell him. Shaun watches form outside the room. Shaun and Evan talk. Evan thanks him. Shaun is upset that he was wrong. Shaun asks for a favor. He wants to read something to Evan. He opens the book To Kill a Mockingbird, the book he gave Steve. Evan listens. Shaun leaves him with the book and thanks him for letting him read. He gets up and walks away with tears in his eyes. 041b061a72

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