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Other sources of energy have cost us just as much in human life and environmental impact. Deepwater Horizon was much worse than Three Mile Island. And when miners get trapped and killed in coal mines, no one suggest we stop using coal. I think nuclear power gets a bad rap due to the connection the public makes with nuclear weapons.

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Ali; Wind power will work if it was mass produced for individual family homes. Mass production will reduce the price. Companies could be created and this would supply jobs. Energy companies could be mandated to install these. These units can be made and located to ease concerns of "seeing" them. I'm sure the "common" person would be in favor of this. The problem; "Politics" and "big" interests don't want something that will cut into their "profits". Energy companies aren't going to support something that "cuts" into their profits and "lobbyists" are'nt going to push for this as they are all connected to people who are only concerned about doing what's best for their profits. Big money only wants more.

I think the real question is what happened, why did these plants fail and why wasn't the emergency handled better? I mean what have the utility company and government officials been doing for 6 and a half days that only now they are bringing in fire trucks to water down the reactor buildings and plans to reconnect electricity to the water pumps? The earlier attempts to dump water from those helecopters looked like a joke. There seems to have been a lot of incompetance in dealing with this emergency.

Nuclear energy is the only clean source of power available to break our dependence on oil. We need to switch to electric/hybrid vehicle in a big way and that will require significant increases in electric generation. Coal is not the answer as it dumps far to many pollutants including radiation into our environment. No connection to the energy industry.

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